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Meza Holiday Portraits

The Meza family was another great family that I had the pleasure of meeting and photographing this season. We met up at beautiful Mori point in Pacifica, CA. They are stylish and fun and their two girls are adorable! Adela wasn’t too sure of me in the beginning but after she ate her mac n’ cheese she was game for anything ๐Ÿ™‚ The next shoot that involves a skeptical toddler will definitely involve mac n’ cheese… brought by me! Thank you guys for a great shoot!




Wodarczyck Holiday Portraits

This holiday season has been so wonderful to me and one of the many reasons was that I got meet and photograph some wonderful new families. Echo contacted me through my blog and we clicked right away. After various emails back and forth we finally met at Coyote Point Park in San Mateo,CA. I can’t believe I’d never been there. It is absolutely beautiful and the light was perfect. We had such a blast and Echo, her husband and their 2 girls were so sweet and easy to work with. Everything felt very natural and, dare I say, organic ๐Ÿ˜‰ I am so happy that I got the chance to capture their love and I look forward to photographing them again…thank you Echo!!


Kyler-Kiddy Mini Session

This was my third year in a row photographing the adorable Kyler. Being able to photograph the stages of events from when a baby is inside the womb up until they are super fun toddlers really is one of the best parts of my job. And of course letting kids be themselves and have fun, romping around the park, makes my job pretty easy ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks again to Kyler for being so darn cute…enjoy!


The Aceves/Smith Family

I had the pleasure of photographing Lars, Cristina and their amazing little guy Tyler last month. I photographed Lars and Crisinta’s wedding a few years back and it is so wonderful to now see them as parents. The role fits them so well as they are both so kind and down to earth. Weย  had some awesome weather here in California last month which made our Santa Cruz Beach session pretty nice ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy!



Judel-Kiddy Mini Session

I had so much fun photographing Judel again! We met up at my favorite place to shoot in Davis, The UCD Arboretum. And we basically just played the whole time. We peeked into holes in the ground trying to figure out which animal was living inside. We collected acorns. We tried to reach flowers that were in the trees. We climbed trees, made leaf angels and ended the shoot by hanging upside from a bench. I don’t know about him but I was beat afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚ย It was the perfect Autumn day. I love watching and documenting children grow and I can’t wait until our next session!

P.S. The best part was when I let him take a few shots with my film camera and he asked why we couldn’t see the picture on the back ๐Ÿ™‚



Angie, Mark and Vanessa

There is a saying “Cousins are your first best friends” and it is so true! My cousin Angie and I grew up together, I didn’t have siblings when I was a child so my cousins were like my brothers and sisters. We would play all day long, swimming in my blow up kiddy pool, swinging on my swing set and eating tuna fish sandwiched with bbq chips crunched in the middle! Sounds pretty gross now but it was delish back then!! Now that my cousins and I are all gown up and starting families of our own, I get the privilege of photographing all of the amazing milestones. Baby bumps, newborns and weddings. I love it! I photographed Angie, Mark and Vanessa at The UC Davis arboretum a couple of months back and we had a blast. We also stopped by this beautiful sunflower field just as sun was setting. Vanessa blended in quite well with the flowers. She even got up close and personal with one!ย  In October I get to shoot Angie and Mark’s wedding. Can’t wait!


Sweet Caroline

It is always an honor when a good friend asks me to photograph something so near and dear to their heart. In this case I was asked to photograph the adorable Sweet Caroline. She was about a week and a half at the timeย  and just as perfect as can be. I decided during this session that it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo of a sleeping newborn ๐Ÿ™‚ And just to liven things up a bit, her older brother Eli decided to join us for a few quick (and I mean really quick) shots! I always love the beautiful dynamic of a toddler and a newborn and these siblings are no exception. Enjoy!