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For the Love of Film-Take 5

Hello lovely friends,

In the midst of a busy summer I am just getting to post some more film work. Below are a few images from a portrait session with a good friend and some of my daughter. Film was Tri-X 400.



For the Love of Film-Take 2

I am having so much fun experimenting with different types of film and learning which ones help bring my vision to life. Below are a few shots taken on my Pentax K1000. Film is Fuji Neopan 400. This film was a lot grainier and way more contrasty then the Kodak Tri X that I used last time. So far I like the look of the Tri X a lot better for portraits. I am currently working on a roll of Portra 160, which I have heard is really beautiful for portraiture. I took it along with me to an engagement session yesterday and will use it for another one next weekend. Enjoy and long live film 🙂


For The Love of Film: Take One

Hello friends! Happy Presidents Day 🙂 and please excuse my absence last week. I had one sick kiddy and another who got his 4 month shots…not so fun! But I’m back and so, so excited for this blog post. I have been waiting to start posting some film work and I can finally start sharing some of my ventures with you. Do you ever have something that just tugs at your soul? Something you love so much and you don’t know why but it makes you feel so deeply and evokes so many different emotions for you that it can be over whelming at times? That is what film does for me. A little background on me so that you know where I am coming from. I started doing photography in high school as a hobby and back then digital cameras weren’t even close to existing. So I fell in love with black and white film, red lights in the darkroom and the smell of developer and fixer. I processed my own film, printed my own images and my love affair began. I went to college where I continued to use film in all of my work and in my last semester of college I started interning at a high-end wedding and portrait studio. They used all digital equipment and alas, my love affair with film ended and I switched over to digital. And don’t get me wrong, digital photography is a wonderful medium and there are so many perks and pluses that you just don’t get with film but in the past year a transition in my career and in myself has started to happen and I am finding myself drawn back to film more and more everyday. I have recently  fallen in love with the work of a few very special photographers and when I first found them I wondered, what is it that is drawing me to their work other than the fact that it is photographically beautiful. And 8 times out of 10 it turned that the photographers whose work I was admiring were shooting film. One of these photographers is the ever so talented and lovely Tanja Lippert . Seriously if you have never heard of her, please check her out. I  had the chance to take her “Lightwalk” workshop last year and it changed the way I look at everything. After discovering these photographers and their work I decided to purchase a medium format film camera (Contax 645!) which I am still working on buying all of the pieces for. But while I save up enough money to buy the rest of it I have started shooting a camera that my Grandma gave me. An old Pentax K1000 35mm camera. I’ve had it lying around for years and when we moved I found it in storage, got it cleaned and fixed and picked up some film. The process of starting to shoot film again has made me realize why we as a whole are such an impatient nation of people. The time, dedication and patience it used to take to do things just does not exist anymore because everything happens instantly for us. Computers load web pages in seconds, we can email and text and get automatic responses and we can take photos on digital cameras and see the results right away. This whole process has given me a new outlook on being a photographer back before digital existed and it is something I never thought about when I was shooting film because I didn’t know any different! The dedication it took was incredible and to all of the photographers these days who shoot 100% film, you are all amazing! I am so excited for this upcoming year, to be able to incorporate film into my weddings, engagements and portrait sessions and to give my clients a mix of film and digital imagery that compliments each other and captures the true and beautiful love that they share! Below are some images from my 1st roll shot with my Pentax K1000, Film was Kodak Tri X 400 Speed. Enjoy and stay tuned for more to come in my ” For The Love of Film” blog posts!