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Ricky and Christina-Engagement Session-Holbrook Palmer Park

I love getting out of the city and exploring different locations. So when Christina suggested that we do an engagement shoot at a park in Atherton, I was all for it. Holbrook Palmer Park is a beautiful and spacious park in Atherton. I met Christina and Ricky there on a warm and sunny Sunday evening. We had planned on doing their engagement photos in the beginning of December, but it literally rained every Sunday in December so we waited for January and I am so glad that we did since a hint of Springtime was given to us for a good couple of weeks this month. Everything happens for a reason and we had a wonderful time. I can’t wait for Christina and Ricky’s wedding in April. They’re a wonderful couple and pretty darn photogenic πŸ™‚

Mike and Ruby-Engagement Session-Conservatory of Flowers

Mike and Ruby will be getting married in March and I am really excited for their wedding! It’s going to be a very long day, since they are having a traditional Chinese wedding, meaning various tea ceremonies, as well as a church ceremony somwhere in the middle. But I can already envision the magnificent colors and great photo ops! Here are a few of my favorites from our engagement session at The Conservatory of Flowers in GG Park, where, if you didn’t already know (because I didn’t) you need a permit to shoot…yikes! Luckily, we had gotten most of the shoot finished before we were told to stop πŸ˜‰

Melina and Jordan

I met with Melina and Jordan in North Beach on a Sunday afternoon. We figured that North Beach is the perfect place for their engagement shoot since they will be getting married in Italy next year!! I have to say that I am super honored to be photographing the wedding Β in the gorgeous Chianti Valley right outside of Florence πŸ™‚ Although Melina and Jordan said that they were a bit nervous for the shoot, they were naturals and my camera really loved them! We had so much fun and I cannot wait for the wedding! Thank you guys for a great shoot πŸ™‚