Patty and Adam-DaVero Estate, Healdsburg

These two beautiful souls were married in August at the georgeous DaVero Estate in Healdsburg. Surrounded by a small group of family and friends they said I do underneath  beautiful trees and perfect blue skies. The fully outdoor wedding was perfect in pretty much every way. After the ceremony guests were escorted to the greenery where they enjoyed cocktails, small bites and of course bean bag toss and bocci! I loved how Patty and Adam put their touch on every aspect of this wedding. Nothing too over the top just simple and special.

I was truly honored to be a part of this day…I hope you both a long life full of happiness and adventures! Patty_Adam_Blog_1Patty_Adam_Blog_3Patty_Adam_Blog_5Patty_Adam_Blog_8Patty_Adam_Blog_9Patty_Adam_Blog_10Patty_Adam_Blog_11Patty_Adam_Blog_12Patty_Adam_Blog_14Patty_Adam_Blog_17Patty_Adam_Blog_20Patty_Adam_Blog_21Patty_Adam_Blog_22Patty_Adam_Blog_23Patty_Adam_Blog_25Patty_Adam_Blog_27Patty_Adam_Blog_28Patty_Adam_Blog_30Patty_Adam_Blog_32Patty_Adam_Blog_34Patty_Adam_Blog_36Patty_Adam_Blog_38Patty_Adam_Blog_39Patty_Adam_Blog_41Patty_Adam_Blog_42Patty_Adam_Blog_44Patty_Adam_Blog_45Patty_Adam_Blog_47Patty_Adam_Blog_49Patty_Adam_Blog_53Patty_Adam_Blog_55Patty_Adam_Blog_56Patty_Adam_Blog_58Patty_Adam_Blog_62Patty_Adam_Blog_64Patty_Adam_Blog_66Patty_Adam_Blog_68Patty_Adam_Blog_70Patty_Adam_Blog_72Patty_Adam_Blog_71Patty_Adam_Blog_74Patty_Adam_Blog_76Patty_Adam_Blog_78Patty_Adam_Blog_80Patty_Adam_Blog_82

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