Angie, Mark and Vanessa

There is a saying “Cousins are your first best friends” and it is so true! My cousin Angie and I grew up together, I didn’t have siblings when I was a child so my cousins were like my brothers and sisters. We would play all day long, swimming in my blow up kiddy pool, swinging on my swing set and eating tuna fish sandwiched with bbq chips crunched in the middle! Sounds pretty gross now but it was delish back then!! Now that my cousins and I are all gown up and starting families of our own, I get the privilege of photographing all of the amazing milestones. Baby bumps, newborns and weddings. I love it! I photographed Angie, Mark and Vanessa at The UC Davis arboretum a couple of months back and we had a blast. We also stopped by this beautiful sunflower field just as sun was setting. Vanessa blended in quite well with the flowers. She even got up close and personal with one!  In October I get to shoot Angie and Mark’s wedding. Can’t wait!


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