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For the Love of Film-Take 5

Hello lovely friends,

In the midst of a busy summer I am just getting to post some more film work. Below are a few images from a portrait session with a good friend and some of my daughter. Film was Tri-X 400.



Karen and Remy- Marines Memorial Club-San Francisco

Karen and Remy were married at the beautiful Marines Memorial Club in San Francisco. This is such a beautiful venue, right in the heart of the city. The staff was wonderful to work with and helped make the day go super smooth and allowing us plenty of time for photos with full access to the club. Karen and Remy love San Francisco and wanted their photos to truly represent them as a couple. So instead of heading to Union Square like most couples would, they asked me to scout some locations in the area that were a little more green and nature like. And since it was pride weekend we needed to stay close to the venue as to not get stuck in traffic before the ceremony etc. I have to admit I was a bit worried, nature like settings in the middle of Nob Hill…I was almost positive it didn’t exist! And then I image searched and found this gem of a park. LaFayette Park is location a few blocks down from Marines Memorial and is such a lovely park. It worked perfect as a backdrop and we were able to spend a lot of time doing photos before the ceremony. The rest of the day went great and we all had a blast! Karen and Remy and their friends and families are an amazing bunch of people. They are happy and open and made me really feel like part of the family. I am so truly honored that I met this couple and was privileged to share in their day. The exude love and happiness and Karen is one of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen! Thank you both for an amazing experience!


Alexander’s One Year Portraits

My adorable nephew Alex turned the Big one in June and we did a photo shoot to document the important milestone. He has some great facial expressions and is fun to photograph! His house has the perfect light so we basically set up shop in his living room and let him have fun 🙂 Looking forward to the next one!! Happy One Year Alex!


Angie, Mark and Vanessa

There is a saying “Cousins are your first best friends” and it is so true! My cousin Angie and I grew up together, I didn’t have siblings when I was a child so my cousins were like my brothers and sisters. We would play all day long, swimming in my blow up kiddy pool, swinging on my swing set and eating tuna fish sandwiched with bbq chips crunched in the middle! Sounds pretty gross now but it was delish back then!! Now that my cousins and I are all gown up and starting families of our own, I get the privilege of photographing all of the amazing milestones. Baby bumps, newborns and weddings. I love it! I photographed Angie, Mark and Vanessa at The UC Davis arboretum a couple of months back and we had a blast. We also stopped by this beautiful sunflower field just as sun was setting. Vanessa blended in quite well with the flowers. She even got up close and personal with one!  In October I get to shoot Angie and Mark’s wedding. Can’t wait!


Sweet Caroline

It is always an honor when a good friend asks me to photograph something so near and dear to their heart. In this case I was asked to photograph the adorable Sweet Caroline. She was about a week and a half at the time  and just as perfect as can be. I decided during this session that it’s almost impossible to take a bad photo of a sleeping newborn 🙂 And just to liven things up a bit, her older brother Eli decided to join us for a few quick (and I mean really quick) shots! I always love the beautiful dynamic of a toddler and a newborn and these siblings are no exception. Enjoy!