Photographing your baby-Naturally and Beautifully

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday! I hope you all had a great weekend and if you are somewhere in the world where the weather is starting to look like Spring then I hope you got a lil’ sunshine! I got to spend time outdoors with my kiddos and I do have to say that we are all in better moods when we get out of the house and frolic a bit. Speaking of kiddos…as a Mom I am blown away by how many picture perfect and amazingly adorable moments that pop up during the average day to day happenings. It seems like from the moment you bring your little one home from the hospital you secretly wish you had a photographer living in your  closet and every time something cute happened they would pop out and take photos and then would pop back in when nap time came around! I also know that having a professional photographer take photos of your family is a treat that most families can only afford once or maybe twice a year. I have based my pricing structure around this fact and kept myself affordable and accessible to all. But for the folks out there who want to try to photograph their babies by themselves, below are some tips to help you get started…enjoy 🙂

Camera and lens: You can find a really great new camera for not too much money these days. Or you can even find a great used camera for even cheaper. I still have my 1st digital camera a Canon EOS 20D and it works great for snapshots in automatic mode or you can get intricate and use it in full manual mode. B and H Photo and Video is an amazing online camera store that has an extensive used section as well as new. My lens of choice when photographing kids of all ages is my Canon 50mm 1.8. I am obsessed with the lens and it is so affordable! It stops down enough that you can photograph in low light as well as focus on those great details like the tiny hands of a newborn 🙂

Light: One thing that drives me absolutely bananas is when I see a photographer using flash when they don’t need it. I am a huge, huge advocate of natural light and I use it in 95% of my work. What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can find beautiful light everywhere, you just have to know where to look. When I am photographing babies, especially newborns, it is almost always done at the childs home. So pretty much all of my work is done either in an open doorway or next to a window. You live in your house everyday so you will know where the best light is and when. The key to using window light is to make sure the light is not direct light (bright sunlight shining directly into the open space) because then it will be too harsh. Look for soft, indirect light and make it is even light across your subject. And for using doorways, make sure you bring your subject to just before the opening of the doorway and also be aware of what color the ground is outside of the door. If you have green grass or another strange color you may get that color reflecting onto your subject, so you should hope for cement on the other side of that door or if you don’t have it you can put a white sheet down and it will act as a big, beautiful reflector.

Atmosphere: Babies and children are very intuitive. They feel different energies and when the atmosphere around them or the people around them are uncomfortable, they can feel it and they will react to it. Your baby will probably be a great model for you because you are her comfort zone but if you feel like she is acting super fussy or just not in the mood to take photos then take a little break and try again later. And keep the room really warm since you will probably be photographing them with just a diaper for a few shots.

Comforts: I love using comfortable, knit blankets when photographing babies. They love being in just a diaper and swaddled very tightly in a warm blankie. Then if they fall asleep you can easily prop them (safely!) against the arm of chair or lay them down on a bed and you can photograph away!

Focus on the Details: Since newborns and babies only have those tiny hands and feet for a short amount of time, it’s great to get some shots of those details! This is when that  lens comes in handy! Here’s a tip, if you newborn is awake when you are trying to photograph their hands or feet and they are squirming around, ask your hubby to hold the babies feet in his hands or have the baby wrap his or hand around your husbands… which leads me to scale.

Scale: Showing scale is a great way to capture these memories. Ask your husband to cradle the baby in his big arms or cradle the babies head in his hands. Years later you will be in awe of how teeny your baby once was!

I hope these tips are of help to anyone out there looking to capture some beautiful photos of their babies and if you don’t feel like doing it by yourself, I’m only an email away 😉



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