Your Senior Session-What To Expect?

I remember my Senior year of high school…it was filled with excitement and wonder, it felt like everyday there was an activity or a reason to celebrate. I felt like the bond with my friends was the strongest it had ever been. What I don’t remember is studying all that much though 😉 It’s ok, I still graduated and I also took senior portraits, which I still have framed and I look at them from time to time and reminisce on those fun times. I was lucky enough to have a photographer that wanted to take portraits that would show my personality and reflect who I really was at that time. I believe that is the true essence of a wonderful portrait and I love being able to do the same for my seniors! Read below for some tips and answers to frequently asked questions…enjoy!


1. Q: When should I schedule my Senior Portrait Session? A: Anytime during your Senior year is a good time to schedule your session. Most Seniors wait until the Spring in order to be sure that the weather is nice. But Autumn sessions are always beautiful as well!

2. Q: What can I expect at our session? A: Senior sessions are done at any two locations of your choice. I like to spend some time before the shoot just chatting and loosening up. My style is always laid back and easy-going. I will direct you when needed but mostly we will be just having fun and hanging out and I will shoot as we go. I also suggest to Seniors that if you have a talent/hobby or interest, this is a great time to document it. Feel free to bring along any musical instruments, books, a record collection or anything else that you are into.

3. Q: How long will my session last? A: Senior sessions are anywhere from 2 – 2.5 hours long. This gives time for location and wardrobe changes.

4. Q: After our session how long will it be until I receive my photos? A: You will have your images edited and up in your gallery within 4 weeks of our session. Your disk will be sent out at this time as well.

5. Q: Any other tips or suggestions to help me prepare for my session: A: Get lots of rest the night before. Eat something before we start our session or you can bring snacks as well. And remember that we are here to have fun and get some great portraits of you!and  your beautiful self! A photo shoot is also a great excuse to have your make up professionally done and get a fun mani/pedi ;)And for wardrobe tips, please have a look at this Pinterest board created specifically for Senior Sessions!


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