Photography is Like Singing

Hello friends…I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, aside from the 49er’s losing, it was a fun and eventful one around our house! Our little girl turned 3 and we had a birthday party extravaganza….princess themed of course 🙂 I’m excited for this weeks blog post as it is a metaphor that I think might help others if you are someone who gets your feelings hurt if your work is every criticized by other photographers or if you are wondering why your not booking as many clients as you feel you may deserve to be. I spend a lot of time thinking about my work and how it is viewed by others. What makes one client decide that you are a good fit to photograph their wedding or portraits but another decided that you are not. I think there is a deeper psychology to it then just the obvious. After beating myself up and thinking over and over again how I could appeal to the masses I came to the realization that maybe that is not whats in the cards for me. At least not right now. And then it hit me…photography is just like singing, which is something that I also love to do, just for fun, every photographer has their own unique voice. It may not appeal to everyone. One person may hear your singing and hate it but the person right next to them may hear it and think it is the most beautiful thing that they have ever heard. And it’s okay. Your voice is yours and yours only. No one else can sing like you. If you are passionate about what you do and you are doing it for the right reasons, then there is so much beauty in that and it will always show through in your images and strike someones cord. So my advice to myself and to anyone out there that is learning to find their voice and their vision in this world, is to keep searching, keep dreaming, keep practicing and soaking up the beauty around you, keep learning and keep giving and never let anyone tell you that your voice is not beautiful…

030 Christina&Lars_104Asmara_017OHP14

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