Life and it’s Beautiful Fleeting Moments

This weeks post was meant to meant to be about something photography related but I have to admit work is the farthest thing from my mind this past weekend. What is on my mind…LIFE. Life and its fleeting moments. Life and how we take it for granted, most if the time charging through our day  not leaving anytime to stop and say thank you. Always moving to the next thing on our to do list and not realizing that each moment is so precious. That we are given a gift and our time on this earth is so limited. I was reminded over the weekend of all of this because we had to say good-bye to a very special member of our family, our kitty cat Babs. She was a sweet and wonderful kitty. She never, ever batted or hissed at the kids when they would play rough with her. In the last month or so she had really taken to my daughter and would sleep with her every night. My daughter said that was her kitty cat and she loved her so much. It was all so sudden. Just a couple of weeks ago we noticed she was having some trouble eating, We switched her food to see if it made a difference and it did a little bit but not much. So last Wednesday I took her to the vet and they thought she had an infection on her tongue. They sent us home with antibiotics to give her and hoped for the best. After 3 days of medicine she wasn’t getting any better so on Saturday morning my husband took her back to the vet and they discovered that she had a large tumor under her tongue that was spreading to  her throat, which is why she was having so much trouble eating. The vet told us that we pretty much had to put her down since the only other option was to amputate her tongue, which would have been horrible for her. So we said our good byes and then it was over. It was terrible. How can someone be here one minute and then the next they are just gone? Our family is still devastated. My daughter is still a little too young to understand but she knows that Babs is gone and not coming home. So internet, my advice to you today and everyday. Stop…stop everything that you are doing this instant and hug your loved ones. Tell them you love them. Take a walk on your lunch break and admire the beauty of the trees. Feel the wonderful sunshine or rain or snow on your face and thank the universe that you are here today. This moment is all we have because the past is gone and tomorrow is not promised. Sending all of you love today and thank you for listening….


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