Your Little Mover Mini Session…What to Expect?

Ahh… the fantastic time has come when your cute little baby starts to become mobile! It is so great when your little one starts sitting up and then all of a sudden he’s crawling and the baby proofing of the house begins 😉 But what a fantastic time to photograph your little guy or gal. He or she is sitting up and crawling but can’t completely run away yet and has the development in tact to pay attention for a bit and look at us when we call their names and even give us a great smile! This one of my favorite times in my child’s life and I loved being able to capture this big milestone and I look forward to capturing it for you as well! Below are some tips and answers to questions to prepare you for our session…enjoy!

1. Q: When should I schedule my Little Movers Mini Session? A: Between the age of 6 and 15 months is a good time for your little movers session. We are looking to capture the time between sitting up and walking so it’s a good idea to schedule if your baby has reached at least one of these milestones.

2. Q: What can I expect at our session? A: Little Movers Sessions are like all of my other sessions. Relaxed, not super posey. I’m looking to capture your baby being himself in a very natural setting such as home or his favorite park.

3. Q: How long will my session last? A: Little Movers Sessions are a bit shorter than most other sessions simply due to the fact that children of this age don’t have huge attention spans and can get distracted pretty easily so the session is scheduled for an hour which usually allows enough time for capture some great shots without exhausting baby or mommy and daddy 🙂

4. Q: After our session how long will it be until I receive my photos? A: You will have your images edited and up in your gallery within 4 weeks of our session. Your disk will be sent out at this time as well.

5. Q: Any other tips or suggestions to help me prepare for my session: A: This is a great session to put your child in his or her favorite playtime outfit and let them be themselves. Whatever they love to do that is what we will do! So it’s best to just relax and let us all have fun and enjoy some free time! It’s also a good idea that we schedule this session to be done after your baby has had his or her nap and has eaten a meal or a snack. And for some wardrobe inspiration please take a look at this pinterest board created for your Little Mover Session.

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