Your Newborn Session….What to Expect?

Once again a “Congratulations” is in order! I know the excitement that comes with finally being able to meet your baby and also the late nights and exhaustion…it’s all par for the course once your baby has arrived. It can be a wonderful time and also a bit hazy. Newborn sessions are a fantastic way to document those first couple of weeks. In 2 months you won’t believe how big your baby is and it will feel like it was years ago that he or she was that teeny tiny. I am so excited to meet your newest addition and capture moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. Below are a few tips and answers to frequently asked questions…hope it helps and feel free to contact me if you have any others…Thank you!!

1. Q: When should I schedule my newborn session? A: Your newborn session should be scheduled to be done within the 1st couple of weeks after birth. The 1st few days is the perfect time really. If you do a maternity session with me you can let me know your due date and I can contact you around that time to check in and see how things are going etc. and to schedule a date for your session.

2. Q: What can I expect at our session? A: Newborn sessions are always done at your home. We will do bare baby photos, just in a diaper and also in any special outfit(s) that may have for your baby. Mommy and Daddy are usually included in some photos as well unless specified otherwise.

3. Q: How long will my session last? A: Newborn sessions are usually about 2 hours. These sessions are very relaxed as to allow time for breaks, feedings and outfit changes etc.

4. Q: After our session how long will it be until I receive my photos? A: You will have your images edited and up in your gallery within 4 weeks of our session. Your disk will be sent out at this time as well. After your prints are selected and ordered they will be in the mail and off to you within 3 weeks of the time you select them.

5. Q: Any other tips or suggestions to help me prepare for my session: A: Newborn sessions are some one of my favorites to do. A lot parents feel bad if their babies are fussy or not cooperating but I can assure you that being a mom myself I know that it’s really hard to predict children’s behavior and I am totally used to rolling with the punches 🙂 So just relax and let me  do all of the work. I will keep shooting and doing everything I can to make sure we have the photos we need until you tell me stop 😉

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