Your Maternity Session….What to Expect?

Hey there and congratulations on your upcoming arrival 🙂 I’m so excited that you’ve decided to document this beautiful time in your life. Whether this is your 1st baby or your 3rd, every pregnancy is different and amazing in its own special way and I can’t wait to capture this unique time. Below are some tips and information and answers to questions to help you better prepare for our session. Please feel free to email with any other questions you may have!

1. Q: At what stage in my pregnancy should I plan on scheduling my session? A: Your session should be done between your 6th and 8th months of pregnancy. Some women’s baby bumps don’t really start showing up fully until around month 7 but some woman start showing earlier (like I did) and you may have a wonderful and full bump at 6 months. The most important part is to ensure that you are still comfortable and feeling great!

2. Q: What can I expect at our session? A: Our session will begin at your home and we will do bare belly photos. Clothing is optional during this time. If you are comfortable in just panties then that is great. Most woman prefer to wear maybe panties and a beautiful scarf or shawl. Some do a mix of topless and minimal clothing. This is a great time to bring in any special pieces of clothing or comfortable intimate clothing that you have really loved through out your pregnancy. I can definitely give more advice if needed or even do a styling consultation. The 2nd part of the session will be done outdoors with your partner. These photos are a great way to capture this intimate time with your partner at your favorite outdoor location. A beach, park or field that you both love.

3. Q: How long will my session last? A: Maternity Sessions are usually between an hour and a half to 2 hours. This includes time for wardrobe changes and traveling to your location of choice.

4. Q: After our session how long will it be until I receive my photos? A: You will have your images edited and up in your gallery within 4 weeks of our session. Your disk will be sent out at this time as well. After your prints are selected and ordered they will be in the mail and off to you within 3 weeks of the time you select them.

5. Q: Any other tips or suggestions to help me prepare for my session: A: Get plenty of rest the night before, drink lots of water and make sure to eat, but I’m sure you already know all of this 🙂 Have fun with it because I know I will! Use this as an excuse to get your make up professionally done or by a great new outfit or cute new bra and panty set. My best tip to you and your partner is to just be you. My sessions are meant to be fun, relaxed and easy going so let’s spend a couple of hours together celebrating the amazing thing that you are doing…growing a baby ;). And if you need wardrobe ideas here is a link to a pinterest board created especially for expecting mothers.

Thanks and can’t wait to meet you!

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