The Importance of finding my style and why I’m not sure if I want to

“So how would categorize your style?” It’s a question I have gotten many, many times from potential clients looking to hire me for an event. And quite honestly, it’s a question I have been asking myself a lot this past year. This being my 2nd real wedding season or even 2nd real year of business, since before I was working a cushy 9-5 job that had all of the great perks like a regular paycheck, paid vacation and medical insurance :/ I have had to really look at myself, my business and the industry and ask myself a lot of really tough questions, I’ve had to be really honest with myself about my strengths and weaknesses and I’ve had to buck up and not let mistakes, pitfalls and setbacks bring me down. It has been really hard and sometimes exhausting, but I feel like I am on a really great path towards discovering the true core of who I am as a person and as a photographer. But I regress…back to the question of style. I don’t blame clients for asking this question and I don’t blame myself or other photographers’ for asking themselves this question. Knowing your “Style” and how you like to shoot is incredibly important in making sure that your work has a consistent look and feel. But for some reason, whenever I am asked that question, I kind of cringe inside. I know how I like my photos to look and I know what kind of work I am drawn to in other photographers’ work but I’m not necessarily sure if my style can be categorized into the usual styles, fine art, photojournalistic, traditional, edgy. Sometimes I’m all of those things, especially on a wedding day when I feel like my take on things should change with each changing event. Getting ready  photos are candid and bridal portraits are set up and posed. The ceremony is of course candid, bridal party photos are fun and a little posey but not too much etc. The more and more I think about my style and what it is I veer mostly towards categorizing myself as fine art, I have and always will love editorial work and I have spent my whole life looking at magazines and admiring photographs, so I think that subconsciously that shows up a lot in my work…but mostly I feel like my style is real. I feel like my unique gift is to shoot with a part of my soul that is never exposed until I have my camera in hand. I feel like it connects with my subjects souls and we are in sync and the images reveal something unsaid. So if finding my style means that I shoot the same kinds of photos with the same poses all of the time then I’m not sure if I want to…but if it means staying true to myself, revealing truth, beauty and love all the while using some beautiful natural light then I am all about finding my style and keeping it…..Happy searching and shooting!!

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