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Before I became a mom I don’t think it would have been possible for anyone to explain to me how much my life would change. There are words to help explain the kinds of feelings you will feel, the different stages you may go through and many ups and downs that will ensue but those words do little to help you understand the great complexity of being a mother. Until you actually carry a baby for 9 months, being as close as humanly possible to another human being and then experiencing the wonders of actually giving birth to that baby. When I think back now to how I even survived a 36 hour labor and still had the strength to hold my baby as soon as she  arrived, I’ve come to the conclusion that I was running on pure adrenaline and of course pure and amazing love. When people tell you that you won’t get a good nights sleep for the next 18 years, I believe them now. Because even after those longs first months when your baby is waking up all of the time, you will still wake for every sound you think you hear them make or even just to check on them to make sure they’re covered up. Your  heart will always break when you see them cry and  it always bring you the greatest joy to see them smile and know that they are happy. So here are some photos old and new that I know I can look at for the next 5o years and they will always help me remember the days when things seemed to be in a constant state of change but where simple joy and happiness were still within arms reach.


Nicole and Judel-Portrait Session

A couple of months back I did one of my absolute favorite things to do…I met up with Nicole and her son Judel nicknamed Juju 🙂 And we explored the tiny town of Esparto and took photographs. A huge part of my inspiration and my vision for my work comes from nature. Specifically the rural farm towns of Northern California. Davis, Dixon, Esparto, Woodland, Cache Creek etc. I can get in my car and drive for hours through the back roads, staring out at fields and trees and miles and miles of space and within this space I see beauty and wonderful light a whole array of wonderful photo options. So needless to say I felt completely in my element during our shoot and I think Nicole and Judel did too. I love photographing children because they love to explore, like me 🙂 and they are happy outdoors in nature just having a great time and that makes for a super great, super relaxed photo shoot, which of course makes for great photos 🙂 Thank you again Nicole and Judel for being so beautiful and for spending a couple of hours exploring with me…enjoy!

Claudette- Maternity Photos

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Claudette. When we did her maternity photos she was about 8 months pregnant and looking beautiful as ever! The deeper I get into motherhood and the more and more I realize the beauty and complexity of pregnancy, the more I love doing maternity, newborn and family sessions. It is such a special time in a womans life and can come with many ups and downs but the joy of knowing that you are carrying life and bringing a child into this world, the more amazing and connected you feel with yourself and your growing baby. Since our session, baby Madison has been born and I hope to one day meet her! So here is to another beautiful baby entering the world and many happy and healthy pregnancies to all woman out there…enjoy!