The Importance of Putting in Effort

Happy New Year everyone! I am finally home from a 2 week long visit with my wonderful family that I do not get to see often enough. While I had a great time, it feels great to be home. The holidays always go by a bit too fast for my liking and I often find it a little bittersweet ringing in the new year. Speaking of the new year, I have a ton of resolutions/mini goals for 2012 and am super excited about fulfilling them. It will be a year of working on bettering myself and holding myslef accountable. The overall theme and something I found myself doing a lot over the holidays is , putting in Effort. It’s something that I had never really, really thought a lot about. I always work hard and try to do my best  in all aspects of life but it wasn’t until December that I realized the true importance of going the extra mile. In the midst of a hectic month, I decided to offer to plan a holiday party for the real estate photography company that I shoot for. Now this was something that my boss had wanted to do for a long time but is so busy that he doesn’t have the time to plan it. I has sensed this and thought I should take the reigns. Which is not something I would not normally do. I love planning and organizing events/parties/dinners but I’m usually the planner not the initiator 🙂 But I stepped out of my comfort zone, accepted that it may be a total failure and I did it. I emailed everyone, found a date that worked for everyone, found a restaurant that suited everyone, sent out the evites, and even put togther fun little party bags! Not only was it not a failure it was a ton of fun! We ate, drank, laughed and enjoyed each others company and I was so happy that I ignored that little voice that sometimes tries to tell me it won’t work and I did what I wanted. So here is to a wonderful 2012….and to knowing that going the extra mile can sometimes mean you’ll bringing a bit of happiness to someone else!

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