Nathan and Kaelen-Portuguese Hall, Sausalito- 9.24.11

Nathan and Kaelen were married a couple of months back at the Portuguese hall in Sausalito. This wedding was so much fun because Nathan and Kaelen are such a creative couple and they added a lot of really fantastic personal touches to their day! From a photo area complete with fake mustaches for guests to bedazzle themseleves, to a super cute monster mailbox for cards. Even the placecards were done by the groom himself.  Everything was done with a fun twist and everyone really appreciated it! The catering and flowers were both done by  the wonderful folks at Style Creme Anglaise, And the cake and cupcakes were from Kara’s Cupcakes 🙂 I also have to mention that the bride made her own dress and jacket. So great! The weather was not the best that day but it made for great photos with all of that diffused light. Big thanks to my assistant Lindsey Houser for being such a big help and getting lots of great candids. All in all we had a great time at the wedding and am super happy with the way everything turned out. Congrats to Nathan and Kaelen!

Photo below taken by my assistant Lindsey Houser 


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