Dominique-Senior Portraits

When my sister asked me to do her senior portraits, I was really happy, and also nervous. I wanted her to love her photos. I wanted her photos to be different from your average senior portraits. Seniors aren’t usually my clientale so I kept thinking that I had to do a bunch of different posing and make the photos look static, which is not my style at all. I love to let things unfold naturally and be a fly on the wall observing and snapping when a beautiful moment comes along. But here is what I learned from this photo shoot. If you take your subjects to a place where they feel comfortable, where they are excited to explore and where they have space to be themselves, then you will have great photos. It will not feel static and posed. Things will unfold naturally and you will create images that you and your clients are proud of…so here is my beautiful sister. Curious about life and her unfolding future, filled with college applications and big decisions and an amazement for the world around her… I love you baby sis.

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