Site Visits

Over the weekend I drove to Sacramento to do a couple of site visits for my June 11th wedding. Site visits have always been a very important part of my pre wedding prep. For many different reason. #1. I like to meet with coordinators before the big day, they will usually walk you through that particular event step by step, which always helps. It’s always nice to get the vibe of that particular locale, especially if it’s a church, which can have many rules and restrictions. I am particularly careful of churches as I never want to disrespect that establishment and the priest who is marrying the couple. #2. It helps to get ideas’ about lighting, angels etc. and #3. It helps to INSPIRE me!! I love seeing a great location and getting really excited about all of the great places for photos. I am really big on planning so I like to figure out where I am going to take all of the photos before hand. Of course I always leave some room for spontaneity, that’s part of  what the jobs all about right 🙂 Here are a couple of shots from the beautiful Sacred Heart Church…..Have a great week!!

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