Brooke and Thane – Engagement- Rodeo Beach

Nature is one of my biggest inspiriations, so needless to say I was so excited to spend an evening with my very dear friend Brooke and her soon to be hubby Thane, in the beautiful Marin Headlands, documenting their love and frolicking around 🙂 I had never shot specifically at Rodeo Beach and I do have to say it may be my new favorite…with the ocean to the left, the mountains to the right and some pretty cool buildings right up the road, we had plenty of choices for back drops. I am very excited to photograph Brooke and Thane’s wedding in South Lake Tahoe in August…this is what love should look like.

One thought on “Brooke and Thane – Engagement- Rodeo Beach

  1. Susy Alarcon Arriaga

    I am thrilled to see these beautiful photos; they made me get all teary…….and why not? That’s my girl and her amazing man and you captured them beautifully. So, how can I order a photo or two???
    Great job Rache; can’t wait to see you at South Lake Tahoe.


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