Monthly Archives: May 2011

Site Visits

Over the weekend I drove to Sacramento to do a couple of site visits for my June 11th wedding. Site visits have always been a very important part of my pre wedding prep. For many different reason. #1. I like to meet with coordinators before the big day, they will usually walk you through that particular event step by step, which always helps. It’s always nice to get the vibe of that particular locale, especially if it’s a church, which can have many rules and restrictions. I am particularly careful of churches as I never want to disrespect that establishment and the priest who is marrying the couple. #2. It helps to get ideas’ about lighting, angels etc. and #3. It helps to INSPIRE me!! I love seeing a great location and getting really excited about all of the great places for photos. I am really big on planning so I like to figure out where I am going to take all of the photos before hand. Of course I always leave some room for spontaneity, that’s part of  what the jobs all about right 🙂 Here are a couple of shots from the beautiful Sacred Heart Church…..Have a great week!!

City Stamp and Sign

I’m super excited about my new stamp that I had made at City Stamp and Sign here in SF. I was looking for an alternative to mailing labels or stickers and I thought, “Hey, it would be cool to have a stamp made so that I wouldn’t have to constantly print labels or order stickers.” And I felt like an old school rubber hand stamp went better with the over all feel of my brand. Plus, my inner secretary likes to stamp and file things once in a while….okay, a lot of the while 🙂 Great prices and great customer service if anyone is looking into something like this. Plus it’s always nice to support the local business’….STAMP ON!!

Brooke and Thane – Engagement- Rodeo Beach

Nature is one of my biggest inspiriations, so needless to say I was so excited to spend an evening with my very dear friend Brooke and her soon to be hubby Thane, in the beautiful Marin Headlands, documenting their love and frolicking around 🙂 I had never shot specifically at Rodeo Beach and I do have to say it may be my new favorite…with the ocean to the left, the mountains to the right and some pretty cool buildings right up the road, we had plenty of choices for back drops. I am very excited to photograph Brooke and Thane’s wedding in South Lake Tahoe in August…this is what love should look like.

Tatiana-Maternity Portraits

For any woman who has ever been pregnant, and had people tell her that she looks beautiful and is glowing, we all know that we smile and say thank you but in the back of our heads we’re thinking, ” Yeah, right!” Well, I hope these photos of my beautiful and dear friend Tati prove us wrong. There really is just something so beautiful about a woman carrying life in her belly 🙂 Congrats to Tati and Taylor….I cannot wait to meet the little guy!

Mike and Ruby, 3.12.11-San Francisco, Presidio, Chapel of Our Lady

Mike and Ruby  were wed on a beautiful Spring day in March. I love it when a couple likes to have fun in front of the camera and are up for anything, and that’s exactly how Mike and Ruby are. They really love getting creative and that always, in turn, makes me want to really push to get some fun and different shots. We drove around The Marina and The Marin Headlands, and we didn’t have to worry about time, because we had a ton of it before the tea ceremony began. Which always makes things a lot more fun as well! The tea ceremony was great and the church ceremony was beautiful, held at The Chapel of Our Lady church in The Presidio. With the reception following at The Koi Palace restaurant in Daly City, which had amazing food BTW! The day went perfectly as planned and we got some really great shots, so thank you to Mike and Ruby and your families, for being such great people!