Monthly Archives: December 2010

Holiday Special!

The holidays are here and it’s that time again! Time to send your friends and families beautiful holiday cards….how about a photo of you and your family on the beach to remind everyone that California is beautiful all year ’round 🙂 Lady of Light Photography is running a fabulous holiday special, message me for details and to book your shoot today!


Brett, Katey and Ethan

I met Brett, Katey and Ethan at the arboretum in Davis on a georgeous autumn day. The arboretum has always been one of my favorite places to shoot. Davis has a ton of beautiful trees and during this time of year all of the leaves turn spectacular colors, serving for a great back drop for photos. Katey and I went to high school together, it was great to see her again after all of these years and to meet her husband Brett, and her adorable new bundle of joy, Ethan. Ethan was great, he did not fuss at all through out the whole shoot even though he was a little sick. What a sport! Thank you Brett, Katey and Ethan for being such a lovely family!